Porsche Instrument Cluster Repair

Porsche Instrument Cluster Repair

Is it always better to repair the original instrument cluster? Usually, this process is more straightforward because you do not have to add codes to the odometer reading of the vehicle’s VIN. Other times, the damage may be too, considering it does not make any logical or financial sense to keep them.

The Porsche Instrument cluster can need repairs for many issues that need professional service. Repairing a Porsche cluster is a complicated and delicate process because many systems and features cannot be diagnosed or altered to perfection without an electrical tool. Our team has experience repairing clusters for luxury vehicles, including all types of Porsche models. We use the best quality of tools and programming to repair and replace clusters. We also include incentives like warranties and affordable prices, which are a fraction of the amount you would have to spend in the official dealership.

Common Problems Of The Porsche Instrument Cluster

  • The LCD has incorrect readings
  • Damaged or distorted pixels
  • The display texts are unclear because they are burnt
  • Dim or dead backlighting

Each Porsche model has an ultra-specific list of problems, and we would know which areas to diagnose and repair first to solve the entire problem. Below, we break down a couple of problems and solutions for different Porsche issues.

Instrument Cluster Repair Service For Porsche

Porsche 911

The most common problem for the Porsche 911 is that the odometer will develop problems due to wear or normal damage. The odometer gauge cause complications on the reading, radio, and other critical areas on the dashboard. We have a lot of different tools and skills to repair the odometer without replacing it and, most importantly, without replacing an entire dashboard.

Porsche 993 And 964

These models also have some of the same problems as seen with the 911 but can also have minor issues with the tachometer gauge. The gauge will cause the display to be unreadable and show defective readings, spots, or lines, making the information useless when driving. We solve this by reprogramming any faulty electrical connections and replacing minor parts like the display or the gauge without switching out the entire dashboard.

Porsche 996 And 986

These models can quickly resolve problems by disconnecting the displays and replacing them with ones with better LCDs. Some specific things we may also have to is change up the heat controllers, work on the climate control systems and use new displays to get rid of readability issues caused by old or faulty displays.

In the end, the only way to solve cluster instrument problems is to use the best diagnostic systems in the world, and professionals who have experience solving similar issues. We have a couple of combined decades in the industry, and always know when it is best to repair or replace the cluster.

Are you looking for Instrument cluster replacement or gauge cluster repair services? Check out our information online and contact us to book consultation for a Porsche instrument cluster repair in Canada or North America.

Porsche Instrument Cluster Repair
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Porsche Instrument Cluster Repair
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Porsche Instrument Cluster Repair Porsche Instrument Cluster Repair

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