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Auto Body Repair In High Point Nc

Auto Body Repair In High Point Nc

Auto body repair in High Point NC involves more than replacing spark plugs or performing an oil change. When you are in a collision, getting your automobile back into shape requires specialized service that Aycock Frame and Body shop provides, back by a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of the parts we install.

How is my car impacted in a wreck?

A collision creates many cosmetic and operational defects. Loose parts, broken panels, and scratches are all common.

The impact loosens parts and creates unforeseen issues that you need to repair. Cosmetic issues can wait but the loose bolt keeping your muffler from falling off must be tightened or replaced.

What happens when a bumper is damaged?

To better understand the extent of the damage to your car in a wreck, consider your bumper. This part is an instrumental part of the crumple zone, the area outside of vital components meant to absorb an impact.

Do not be fooled. Manufacturers use fiberglass as the outer coating for your bumper but just beneath this seemingly invincible exterior is a layer of padding on top of your frame. When the padding crumples, it loses the ability to protect your frame and you from the shock of a wreck.

Should I repair my vehicle?

Replacing your bumper or side panels is like buying a new helmet. We put the right parts on your vehicle to help you avoid damaging your frame and your brain. Repairing your car is vital to your safety and continued mobility.

Smaller issues also lead to more major repairs later. The rush of air through a cracked hood ruins parts while another impact to a damaged bumper may total your vehicle even if you are traveling under 25 miles per hour.

How do I find a trustworthy mechanic?

There are many garages looking for your business. However, many mechanics are less interested in the customer.

Shop around before you come to a decision. Reviews on websites such as the Better Business Bureau will help you determine which shop provides the highest quality service, ratings from professional organizations show a commitment to service, an ASE certificate shows knowledge, and the median of your quotes creates a picture of your financial burden.

Auto body discounts

The average cost of a repair is no light matter. Replacement parts, paint, and assessment range from as low as $50 to over $7500 with the average repair costing $500.

Aycock Frame and Body Shop works with customers, especially students to whom we offer a 10 percent discount. Financing options are available from external sources as well to get you back on the road with peace of mind.

Auto Body Repair in High Point NC

Repairing your vehicle is a requirement in North Carolina where mobility is a fact of life. A functioning car is a key to success.

Aycock Frame and Body Shop strives to provide the best service possible with a high rating from the Better Business Bureau. Get in touch today for a free estimate.

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Auto Body Repair In High Point Nc
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Auto Body Repair In High Point Nc Auto Body Repair In High Point Nc

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